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Visitation statistics are collected for this site using observe, which I use to understand how often pages are viewed, and from where. This data is stored in a private Google BigQuery table—to which only I have access—and is removed after 90 days. The information in this table is:

  • URL visited
  • Anonymized Source IP address (IPv4 to 20 bits, IPv6 to 32)
  • Time of visit
  • HTTP headers received

Observe itself runs on Google App Engine, which logs some information about the request. This information is kept for 7 days.

If your browser sends a Do Not Track header, I store no information about the visit to BigQuery.

This site does not use cookies directly, however Cloudflare may set some.

This site is served via GitHub Pages and Cloudflare. Refer to them for any information or statistics they may collect.

To view how this site is built, see its repository and this post, which details the setup.