Retiring some old projects
Oct 23, 2014
One minute read

Some changes are coming; they’re changes for me, but a secondary effect is that I no longer have free hosting for some projects that have been in unmaintained-but-still-running status for the last few years. I’m taking the following offline:

  • Adventure: My “Choose your own adventure”-like story builder. This hasn’t seen an update since early 2012; very few people were using it. Re-launching this application would require a considerable effort, so I’m taking this offline for the foreseeable future. It’s been backed up, and the source code has been open sourced. If anyone wants to help resurrect this, please contact me via twitter.
  • Is this DST?: My geo-aware single-serving site that lets you know if you’re in daylight saving time or not. Similar to above, I’m taking it offline vs the effort to relaunch. Again, source code is available. I may get the urge to bring this one back online again.
  • Far Dog LLC: I spun down this LLC a few years ago, the website never had much on it.

Thanks for understanding. Onward!

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