XKCD Password Generation for Node.js
Apr 7, 2014
One minute read

I created an XKCD-style password generator for Node.js (see this comic for reference). You can find it on my github or do an npm install -g xkcd-password to get it on your path.

There are others available, but most don’t include a CLI, or easily configurable options. Many use small word lists. So I made one that uses a sufficiently large list—113,809 words provided by the Moby Project—and both a simple commandline utility and a module that you can use in your Node.js apps. If you don’t like my wordlist, you can substitute your own easily. Everything is non-blocking, so you shouldn’t find it bogging down your stuff.

Send issues or pull requests!

Usage: xkcd-password [options]

   -n, --numWords    The number of words to generate for your password.  [4]
   -m, --minLength   Minimum lengh of words chosen for the generated password.  [5]
   -x, --maxLength   Maximum length of words chosen for the generated password.  [8]
   -f, --wordFile    The newline-delimited list of words to be used as the source.
   -s, --separator   The separator character to use between words when output to the console.  [ ]
   --version         print version and exit

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