An Addendum to "Fixing a Famicom Disk System"
Oct 8, 2013
One minute read

My old Sharp Twin Famicom threw the belt again, as they do. While replacing it, I wanted to make an update to my previous blog post about FDS belts, since my old article wasn’t as helpful as I’d have liked when I actually tried to use it.

First, there’s now a far better repair article available at the Famicom Disk System website. This goes through the whole process of belt replacement as well as aligning the spindle hub, which I had a lot of problems with this time.

I’d recommend following their article over mine; it does a far better job of explaining how to align the spindle hub. The only addition I would make is that I still had to make small 5–10° adjustments both forward and backward to the spindle hub before everything worked.

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