vim, fish shell, and vim-sensible
Mar 22, 2013
One minute read

Part of this evening was spent making vim workable for me, the first step was getting some sane defaults. vim-sensible was recommended in several places (as was Tim Pope’s also excellent pathogen), but immediately after installation I was getting an error:

Error detected while processing ~/.vim/bundle/vim-sensible/plugin/sensible.vim:
line   75:
E484: Can't open file /tmp/v1NmKg8/0
Press ENTER or type command to continue

Frustratingly, line 75 held no obvious suggestions. After some time troubleshooting, I found it worked fine if I wasn’t using fish shell.

I’m not positive why this is the case, but you can fix the error by adding the following line to your .vimrc.

set shell=/bin/sh

On next launch of vim, all is resolved.

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